Review on Deutschlandfunk

Marc Bouchkov als Solist entlockt seinem Instrument eine solche Süße, eine solche Zartheit in der Intensität, dass man es kaum glauben kann. 

(“As the soloist Marc Bouchkov elicits an unbelievable sweetness and a tenderness in the intensity from his instrument.”)

Wiebke Hüster,

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New York Classical Review

Bouchkov played this […] in an involving performance […] the level of energy and intensity went up a notch in the Adagio-Andante movement. There, the music stews in inner thoughts, and it was impressive that Bouchkov found the resources here to stoke the fire. He and...

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“Curious, inventive, mischievous and drunk with freedom, [...] an incredible ability to defy the laws of gravity.”

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