Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra astounds with top soloist

The Belgian violinist Marc Bouchkov recently made a stunning impression with his bold and elegant performance of Prokofiev’s First Violin Concerto with the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ludovic Morlot […]
[He] do[es] not play to score or to charm, because making music is a lifelong search for the Holy Grail […] music is a metaphor of life. Each score gives rise to analysis, deepening of knowledge and self-reflection, each composition requires greatest instrumental skills. Music is an inexhaustible source of meanings, beauty, inspiration and expressiveness […] Bouchkov [aims] to reveal the secrets of the music in an ‘authentic’ way, to bring the composer’s voice to life, to translate the emotional charge of the music into sound and to touch the listeners’ souls […] [with] virtuosity, subtlety, integrity and truthfulness .
Wenneke Savenije, October 21, 2021, De Nieuwe Muze

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