What a dashing talent he is

The romanticism of 24-year-old Marc Bouchkov is unmistakable. What a dashing talent he is.

Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in D minor gave us the star, Marc Bouchkov. He is such a feeling performer – so expressive, that even when he was not playing, his face would react to the music. I was so enthralled with his delivery; it was as if the violin was directly connected to the emotions lifting out of his heart. He wowed us and gave us a Bach as an extra treat without the orchestra accompanying him. He was able to actually make his violin sound like it had another playing the pulsating repetitive note that persisted throughout the entire moving piece while double stringing melody played over it. What technique – what a feat..
He performed another solo piece later in the concert that he had written in Edmonton. Entitled Fantasie, it was a remarkable composition with several variations on a turbulent theme that showed of his Eastern European brilliance (his parents are violinists from Ukraine). His performance ranked him as a modern-day Paganini.

Nancy Snipper,

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