Great violinists of the 20th Century

Dear all!
I hope you’re all doing well and healthy!
I have witnessed an amazing amount of brilliant and creative social medias “content” for this past year!
I also realized that to get a bit away from “the life of others” is extremely healthy for one’s own life.
So, I have been away now from social medias for some time and have been doing a lot what I really care for:
-I have explored the internet to learn a bit more about all matters that were always total mystery to me!
-I read books that I always wanted to read!
-I watched movies that I always wanted to watch!
And most important: I have been “real talking” to the people I love (in the limits of the corona security allowance) or sometimes per telephone and not so much texting anymore. I realized life without social media is really fascinating and almost overwhelming! So, for those who didn’t do that since sometime, you should definitely do it!!!
Now, as paradoxical and funny as it sounds, I will regularly post some content with the actual goal of reaching more of you!
This is because I realized as a classical musician that traditions of our art are changing at a crazy pace.
I encounter young violinists today who do not know about Heifetz, Milstein, Szeryng, Thibaud, Kreisler recordings to only quote the most famous!!!! I understand that one should never be fixed and live exclusively in the past, that one needs to think “outside the box” and refresh the look and visibility of our art, but I believe that in order to do it the best way possible one still needs to know through what stages did our story go.
I would like now to use social medias and share my huge dedication and love to the TRADITION OF VIOLIN PLAYING, my thoughts, my reactions! I would like to share with you recordings that changed my violin AND musical life. I really hope you’ll enjoy it with me, and if you do, please leave your comments and your ideas!

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

That’s it for now! I will keep writing on a weekly basis, watch out for more in the coming weeks.


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