With temper and a sense of style

Marc received a fantastic review for his performance of Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto with the Sinfonieorchester Wuppertal:

Highlight, gleam and center is the performance of Marc Bouchkov in Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto. Completely unimpressed by the degree of difficulty of his part he presents the great and beatuiful idea with focus on the full context. The way he wxploits the big sound of his wonderful violin (Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, 1865) with great temper, a confident sense of style in every nuance, highly virtuoso and musically is just outstanding. His ravishing presentation leaves us perfectly happy. The applause for him did not stop. Der brausende Applaus für ihn ist an diesem Abend nicht zu toppen. He played Bach as an encore. He is able to play that, too. Das kann er auch. You could have heard the pin drop.

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